Club Description

Founded in 2001, Terpwushu is a University of Maryland sports club that is devoted to the teaching and training of wushu at all levels--from beginner to advanced practitioners. Terpwushu is a competition-focused club that participates in tournaments nationwide however, the club also participates in cultural performances and demonstrations. All members are encouraged to participate in these events regardless of experience or skill level. Overall, our goal as a sports club is to expand wushu interest and knowledge as well as to help foster a strong intercollegiate wushu community.

Annual Events

This lists just a few of the tournaments, events, and demos that we host or participate in!

  • University Wushu Games
  • National Collegiate Wushu Tournament
  • US Capital Wushu Championships
  • East Coast Wushu Joint Practice
  • TASA Night Market
  • CSA Lunar Banquet
  • Terpwushu End of the Year Show

Club Constitution

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The term wushu encompasses all of Chinese martial arts, which is composed of an enormous range of martial styles and philosophies.  While wushu has developed sophisticated systems over its 2000 year history, it has recently gained international appeal in its "contemporary" form.  Contemporary wushu refers to a conglomerate of many traditional styles and their transformation into a competitive sport with standardized rules and judging.  A more thorough definition can be found at wikipedia: (

Terpwushu focuses on non-contact, contemporary wushu, which combines aspects of sport, performance art, and martial art.


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